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CP&A provides designs for steel, concrete and wood structures of all types, including commercial buildings, residential buildings, offshore structures, and various types of crane structures. Our specialty is steel structures with special requirements, such as dynamic seismic loads, wind induced vibrations, wave motions, and any other static and dynamic, linear and non-linear analyses specified in the design codes or user specifications. We use state-of-the-art computer analysis, design and drafting practices. We have developed our own custom software to

increase our efficiency, reliability, and robustness of our designs.

Fundamentals are just part one of engineering excellence. Experience is part two and no engineer or engineering organization can be experienced in all examples of structural design. What type of structural design projects fit exceptionally well with CP&A's expertise and experience?

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Building Structures Performance based seismic design Structures subject to unusual loadings
Structures subject to unusual loadings

We have designed structures and equipment as diverse as access platforms used in acoustic test cells subjected to 158 db random acoustic vibrations (used to test space shuttle and rocket payloads for simulated launch conditions).

How about simulated rocket assemblies to test parachute and air-bag deployment for land-based recovery?

If you have structural questions, we will have the engineered answers for you.