• Base Anti-Seismic Isolation System (BASIS) on STS Crane in Turkey

  • CP&A provides independent third party reviews and designs container cranes for ports worldwide

  • CP&A provides independent third party reviews and designs bulk handling equipment worldwide. CP&A designs voyage bracing for all types of unusual cargo.

  • After a sudden wind storm destroyed two cranes and damaged two others, CP&A assisted JPA getting back in business.

  • CP&A designed the repairs to Boeing’s main conference building after it was damaged during the Nisqually Earthquake.

  • CP&A provides Quality Assurance services worldwide.

  • 3D drawing of a 100 ton crane boom designed by CP&A.

  • CP&A designs and reviews voyage bracing for container cranes.

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CP&A Installs New Seismic Isolation System on Cranes in Seismic Activity Zone

Casper, Phillips & Associates Inc. (CPA) have installed a new seismic isolation system on two quayside container cranes in a major seismic activity zone in Asyaport, Turkey. Read the article in full at heavyliftnews.com.

CP&A Upgrades Proprietary Crane Analysis Software

Casper, Phillips & Associates Inc. (CPA) has upgraded its proprietary crane analysis software, used for pre- and post-processing during finite element analysis of cranes. Read the article in full at wireropeexchange.com.

CP&A Remedies Gearbox Failure after Root Cause Analysis at Port

Casper, Phillips & Associates Inc. (CPA) recently completed remediation of three 40 metric ton capacity rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) at a major North American port... Read the article in full at wireropeexchange.com.

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CP&A Services - Crane Engineering
Crane Engineering

CP&A has assisted many crane manufacturers and owners with all phases of crane projects.

CP&A Services - Earthquake Engineering
Structural Engineering

CP&A is exceptionally strong on structural engineering fundamentals.

CP&A Services - Specialty Services
Specialty Services

CP&A has been retained as experts to determine the cause of failure in many different accidents. CP&A has supervised the flame straightening of complex structures.

CP&A Services - Custom Software
Custom Software

CP&A offers a series of commercial software packages for quick and efficient structural design of material handling equipment of all styles and types.