Buckling / Custom Software

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CPA/BUCKLING checks thin panel plate buckling. Buckling may be checked either manually (checking of individual plates) or by using file input (checking multiple members and plates). CPA/BUCKLING reads stresses from CPA/STRESS binary output file.

Buckling is checked using the maximum stress at each point at the end of a plate. A special naming convention is used to distinguish the

different points (as defined by the Section Property program). A point number enclosed in double brackets, i.e. f[[3]], means the compression stress at that point is the maximum. The point at the other end of the plate is displayed in parentheses, i.e. f(4). However, if the other point has a larger compression stress, it will be listed first. The start point is always the point with maximum compression. The detailed output shows the starting and ending point for each panel (st: stiffener).